A Message from Head Coach Carl Abseck

It’s almost that time again. Time for Cedar Park Football to crank it up and get back on the field. After a State Championship in 2015, our 12-1 record last season seemed like a disappointment to many. Almost any other team in the state would love to have a record like that. 12-1 is nothing to be ashamed of, and I’m proud of the way our boys performed last year.

But this is Cedar Park. Our young men have very high standards, and anything less than a championship is difficult to accept. Literally the day after the loss, they were back at work with Yancy getting ready for next season. We didn’t tell them to do that. They did it on their own. That dedication is what makes Cedar Park Football so special.


That’s our team motto this year, and our goal is another State Championship. But we can’t do it without you. To achieve the goal this team has set for itself, it will take hard work and dedication from every member of the Cedar Park Football Family. And whether you volunteer to help on game day, or you’re a booster club board member, your hard work and dedication supports our players in their quest for another championship.

Fundraising is always a difficult thing, and no one likes to do it. But it’s a necessary evil. In order for this to work, we have to raise money. The funds the district provides do not come close to what is needed to run this program at a championship level. Thanks to you, and our past football family members, we have established a first class program here at Cedar Park. A program that most other teams, in the greatest football state in the country, strive to emulate.

I believe these young men are at the best point in their lives. They’re becoming mature enough to begin to really understand how the world works. But they’re still young enough to keep the trials and tribulations of the world at arm’s length. My ultimate goal in all of this is to make their time in this program the best experience that it can be. So when they look back later in life, Cedar Park Football holds a special place in their hearts. And every penny of your donation goes directly toward making that happen.

I’d like to ask for your help in making the 2017 Cedar Park Football Season the best, ever. Get involved by volunteering (link below), and help us to meet the financial needs of the program by giving, and sharing the link (link below) so that others might give.

The Cedar Park Football Family is more than just players and coaches. It’s much bigger than that. It includes every cheerleader, band member, trainer, teacher, and more, that has ever been a part of our program. Thank you to all of you for all that you do. ONE TEAM~ONE MISSION!

Carl Abseck
Head Coach/Athletic Coordinator

Did you know??

The total LISD budget for Cedar Park Football amounts to about $125 PER PLAYER, for the entire year!

The football facilities at Cedar Park High School are almost 20 years old. They are the oldest in the district now that Leander has been completely renovated. The upcoming bond vote will be critical in improving our facilities and giving us the room we need to run this program. We hope that you will support that bond.

Our boys have never complained about the locker room but if you have seen the space that 250+ players are crammed into you know how uncomfortable it is. We can’t do anything to change the facilities today but, like always, we will do everything we can to make the things we can control the best they can be for our young men. They deserve that because they give us their best every day.

We will NEVER put our boys at risk by buying cheap gear, but a good quality helmet starts at $250, and the best run $350+. Good quality shoulder, thigh and knee pads, combined are well over $250 a set. Putting good quality protective knee braces on our lineman is critical to keeping them safe. But those start around $200 EACH. With 250 players in the program, one set of helmets can easily cost over $75,000. So you can see how quickly just buying equipment to keep our players safe adds up.

NOBODY likes fundraisers. And we know that. But we don’t do these to make your life more difficult. We do it so our players can wear the safest equipment possible. We do it so they can wear a uniform they’re proud to wear. We do it so they can ride a more comfortable bus on that long trip home from the inevitable distant playoff game. Everything raised goes toward making our boys experience in high school football the BEST it can possibly be.

This is our second year doing this online fundraiser. It was a good fundraiser last year, but with your help, this year will be even better. You can help not only by giving, but also by sharing this with friends and family no matter where they are. Please, send them the link below and ASK for their help. Send it to your brother in Iowa, or your aunt in New York. Send it to your business associates, and post it on Facebook. Tweet out the link, and post it to Instagram as well. Share it with as many people as you can. No matter who you send it to though, please let them know what this is for, and ask for their help in supporting our program. By sharing this fundraiser, and asking for their help, even the smallest donations will add up very quickly and we can put fundraising behind us that much faster.

Again, EVERY PENNY of this fundraiser will go to support the Cedar Park Football PLAYERS!

Here’s the simplified version:

  • WATCH: The video
  • GIVE: Click below and choose your donation amount, then checkout with your credit card
  • SHARE this link with as many people as you possibly can
  • ASK for their support