Did you know??

The total LISD budget for Cedar Park Football amounts to about $125 PER PLAYER, for the entire year!

Let’s face it, we ALL dislike fundraisers! Selling cups, and cards, and… it’s not a fun thing for anyone! But with that amount of support from the district, it’s absolutely necessary. That amount doesn’t even cover the cost of a helmet!

This year, we figured we would try something a little different, something we hope is much easier, and in the end, more effective at providing our boys with everything they need to have the BEST possible experience as a Cedar Park Football Player.

First, we've included this quick video with some great shots from "behind the scenes".

Second, this website will allow you to make a donation to support your son, or your favorite player, and his teammates, AND, it will also allow you to SHARE this fundraiser with friends, family, co-workers, and even companies you do business with, ACROSS THE COUNTRY and AROUND THE WORLD that might be willing to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to support these young men.

By sharing this with as many people as you can, it will help us reach our goal, and hopefully, decrease the number of fundraisers we need to do this year to allow the 2016 team to have the same opportunities that last years’ team had. Better yet, lets GIVE, and SHARE, to the point where this is our ONLY fundraiser for the year!!

Also, unlike the companies that produce these types of fundraisers, and then take a large percentage of the money, EVERY PENNY of this fundraiser will go to support the Cedar Park Football PLAYERS!

Here’s the simplified version:

  • WATCH: The video
  • GIVE: Click below and choose your donation amount, then checkout with your credit card
  • SHARE this link with as many people as you possibly can!

A Message from Head Coach Carl Abseck

First, THANK YOU. As a first year Head Coach, 2015 was a dream season. I couldn’t have scripted a better season. And it was only possible because of an incredible group of young men who worked their tails off, and refused to let each other down. This team, our parents, and our community, truly is FAMILY. Because of this family, the Cedar Park Football Head Coaching job is really a dream job. The support we get from our community is second to none.

Fundraising is probably the only downside to this job. But like a true family, our parents, and the community of Cedar Park, provide for our boys so they can focus on doing things like they did last year. The 2015 5A State Championship is a result of a lot of hard work by our coaches, and our players, that is made possible by our family members who give generously to allow us to focus on football.

This new fundraiser, we think, is an opportunity to make the fundraising process much easier, and less burdensome, but it will take a little effort on everyone’s part, to make it happen. No one wants to be knocking on doors, or calling friends and family to buy another fundraising cup, or card, so we hope that you will share this highlight video and ASK your friends and family to support the hardest working football team in the state of Texas.